Odoo Inventory Management — Organize stock levels effectively

1. Barcode Integration

Odoo allows barcode scanner integration with inventory management software which helps in scanning goods and registering the acceptance and sending of goods without the use of keyboard. Perfectly attributing barcodes to products let’s you manage software efficiently and organize products through scanner.

2. Routings

Odoo Inventory management lets you customize routings for transferring the products for manufacturing, purchase and sales. The user can predefine routes based on the business policies of the company. Routes are responsible for movement of goods and operational routes are set by default rules which can be changed when necessary.

3. Multi-location Warehouse Management

Odoo allows managing multiple warehouses of a same organization easily. You can add locations of multiple warehouses you have in Odoo and you can control the transport of goods.

4. Shipments

Odoo allows its user to buy n number of products from multiple suppliers and there is no limit for the amount of shipments to be carried out in a day. Separate inventory management module allows to perform hassle free purchase and sales shipments in an error free way. Initial checks are made for sales and shipments and status of availability of products are informed to customers.

5. Traceability

Odoo informs customers the status of product movement. Serial and lot numbers are provided to each product which makes tracking very easy. Odoo verifies that each and every product is assigned with serial and lot numbers and warns when same serial or lot number is assigned to multiple products.

6. Reordering

Odoo Inventory management software allows you to set reordering rules to your products. Reordering rules prevents overstocking and warns you during the low stock. Setting the maximum and minimum limit for stock can also be set in Odoo.

7. Reporting

Reporting is the most important feature of Odoo. It allows user to generate an analytical report of the inventory on various predefined parameters. Reports can be represented in the form of bar graph, pie chart and line graphs.



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